Welcome. I hope you find smiles, inspiration and a sense of connection in these posts about my creations, thoughts and adventures. I'm a Cross-Disciplinary Artist finishing up a Small Business Venture Program at Conestoga College, Kitchener, Ontario. This blog follows the journey of the last few years and maps out a story of a search for belonging. I am passionate about applying arts principles to business endeavours and business principles to artistic endeavours.


    Today, as a precursor to making a price list of all my offerings, I needed to work thru conflicting feelings without words. It’s better with wax and cloth. The painting was a bit too much by itself but with the figure in front, it seemed to speak volumes.

    Lately the summer has inched along. It’s been the first time I’ve been able to just focus on myself without kids.

    Finishing up some projects and laying down deep roots. I have been meeting people that I have not seen since elementary school. Seems like the girl within is vying for attention!! She is the wise one.

    — 3 days ago

    Pulling beads, figures and paintings together to make deeply personal Custom art for people to enjoy.

    — 1 week ago

    "From Child to Master" 44x36 inches, Oil on Canvas, by Carolyn Dawn Good. Newest painting for a client in BC. $1500 with five coaching calls between.

    Using the clients facebook pictures I made a painting about her intention of passing a legacy to her daughter. It is a sequel to the unicorn painting called “Succession”.

    — 3 weeks ago
    Feather painting.

    Feather painting.

    — 1 month ago

    Elephants love to paint. I remember wanting to meet Kamala in the Calgary Zoo. She is now being sent to the Smithsonian. http://www.calgaryherald.com/touch/story.html?id=9619689 some of her paintings sold for $1000.

    I’m wondering, “What is the joy all about?” It’s something I witnessed yesterday by the office workers and delivery man at Williamsburg Financial.

    There was a focus and elation as they picked up a brush with paint on it. In some ways, I’m more content igniting the creativity in others than selling my work as a Creative.

    The front hall of my apartment is full of new work. The pricing is retail. I’m setting the rates to be higher than most as these are originals that will become prints as part of a line of wearables. Met some interesting textile printers recently, even a group that can make a wool tapestry from any design. $3000-5000 4 - 6 months later and Wow … fun!

    The paintings then become patterns for paper jewelry. Recently we have a studio that is going to start producing the paper jewellery and walking smalls. We are stocking the shelves of the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington DC! Then I can go and see Kamala.

    — 1 month ago